Reprieve for Huawei Ban

21st May 2019

UNITED STATES US stocks continued their downward trend as investors had concerns over how the Huawei ban would affect US …

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China Announcing Plans

14th May 2019

UNITED STATES U.S. stocks sank to their lowest levels in months after China retaliated with higher tariffs on a variety of American …

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Two Oil Tankers Came under Attack

13th May 2019

UNITED STATES Trade talks between the U.S. and China ended without resolution last week resulting in President Trump continuing his …

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Donald Trump Won’t Renew Iran Oil Waivers

23rd April 2019

UNITED STATES US stocks were mixed on Thursday with the S&P and NASDAQ gaining 0.10% and 0.31% respectively while the …

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Rusal: First Wave of Investment in the US

15th April 2019

UNITED STATES Steven Mnuchin gave a hint to the advancement of the US/China trade talks by suggesting that the US …

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The ECB Meets in Frankfurt

10th April 2019

UNITED STATES US Stocks traded in the red with the DOW having the largest losses of 0.71% while the NASDAQ …

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Washington is Considering Tariffs for EU

9th April 2019

UNITED STATES US stocks were mainly in the green with the NASDAQ and S&P gaining 0.19% and 0.10% respectively. The …

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Saudi Aramco’s Debut Issue

8th April 2019

UNITED STATES US stocks traded in the green on Friday – DOW +0.15%, S&P +0.46%, NASDAQ +0.59% – backed by …

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2nd Consecutive Interest Rate cut of the Indian CB

5th April 2019

UNITED STATES The big news out of the US today is the decision to delay the timing of a potential …

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