IFO Survey Shows Improved German Business Confidence

26th November 2019

UNITED STATES US stocks started the week with fresh records as the market cheered merger activity in addition to the …

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South Africa Facing Another Outlook Downgrade

18th November 2019

UNITED STATES Revived hopes for a trade deal outweighed lacklustre economic data to send US stocks to record highs on …

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Boeing Pushes the DOW to Another Record Close

12th November 2019

UNITED STATES Upbeat Boeing news sent the blue-chip DOW higher on Monday on a day other US stocks closed in …

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Moody’s Downgrades UK Outlook to Negative

11th November 2019

UNITED STATES US stocks closed at fresh records on Friday, edging up despite remarks by senior US government figures that …

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Aramco ups 5-year Dividend Forecast ahead of IPO

8th November 2019

UNITED STATES Fresh highs were recorded for US stocks on Thursday despite reports that there was internal opposition in the …

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US, China Agree on Phased Tariff Rollback

7th November 2019

UNITED STATES US stocks closed mixed on Wednesday following days of notching record highs as reports surfaced that the Phase …

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Aramco’s IPO Begins in Earnest

5th November 2019

UNITED STATES Better-than-expected corporate earnings added to the positive sentiment regarding the trade war to spur US stocks to record …

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US, Japan Reach Trade Deal

26th September 2019

UNITED STATES US stocks rebounded on Wednesday as President Trump’s comments that a US-China trade deal could be imminent outweighed …

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Fed Strikes Hawkish Tone as it Cuts Rate

19th September 2019

UNITED STATES US stocks closed only modestly higher save the NASDAQ which shed 0.11%. The DOW and the S&P closed …

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